The Weekend

Friday we took D to the Japanese place where they cook in front of you. It was pretty cool, and our cooker-guy was really funny and good at his job. He got a big tip from us!

Hunger Games was really good. We stood in line to get into the theatre, which was a new experience for me. Our seats weren't awful but they for sure could have been better. Oh well. It was still a really good show.

The little boys went to respite at a new place on Friday night, but it turned out really well. The people that did it were a young couple basically just like us 2 years ago. They were super nice and the boys had a fun time.

After we picked them up we went on a family bike ride which is always a good time. Apparently during this ride the little boys told my husband that there was a spider in the bike trailer. The boys are always pretending stuff, so my husband just kept on riding. When we got home C went potty, and then said very nervously "Thewe is something craw-wing on my weg!" Yeah, it was a tick. Thankfully it hadn't bitten him yet. Those things are a fact of life when you live next to woods, but that doesn't make them any more enjoyable. They are definitely the worst part of spring. I told D he better be checking his hair (in case I haven't mentioned it, he is growing a pretty good 'fro) for ticks. He was grossed out but I'm pretty sure a small animal could get lost in that mess and he'd never know.

D convinced me to play some one-on-one basketball with him last night. We live at the end of a dead-end road and our kitty-corner neighbors put their basketball hoop down at the end of the street, so it's right in front of our house. At any rate, D is 5'7" and I am 5'2". Also, that child is BONEY. I have some bruises from elbows and knees on me today! But anyway it was a fun time, even if I did lose. I seriously was trying really hard and he complimented me and said I was good at defense. Not so much at shooting but oh well. :)

I've been doing lots and lots of yard work. I thought of this great new game for the little boys. It is called, "Pick all the yellow flowers!" They love it, for real. The goal (for me) is for them to pick the dandelions before they go to seed so that we can stop the spreading, chemical free (which is how I like to do things outside). They love to pick things so it really does work out, despite the fact that this may appear to be child labor. ;) I have been pulling up lots and lots of dandelions (like, a whole 5 gallon bucket so far) and I'm afraid that soon we might not have any lawn left!

Y also gave me some help in my garden yesterday while C was still napping, by carrying around my bucket for me so I could put the weeds I pulled into it. I found him a few worms and put them in the asparagus bed and he had a good time watching them. He was kind of afraid of them, which I was ok with - let's face it, worms are kind of grody.

Then he had a huge fit and ended up taking a second nap from like 3:45 to 4:45, so during that time I took C grocery shopping with me. He wanted to make sure that we had everything in the store: "Do we have marshmallows? Do we have oranges? Do we have one of those? Do we need some of that?" with especial emphasis on candy and similar products. :) He is so funny!

I mowed the yard today (yes it's still March!) and it looks really nice. And I put some grass seed down in some bare spots, now I just have to remember to keep watering! I think I could probably work in the yard 8 hours a day for the next week and still not have everything done that needs to be done. We are just going to have to have a weedy yard, because honestly I don't have the time or energy. But hopefully we can at least fill the bare spots in.

We got our carpet ordered finally, so maybe in the next month or so that will get installed. I still have so much work to do on this house but we are making headway.

And that is all. :)


  1. I read all you do and I am so impressed. I think to myself, will my life calm down enough for all of that at some point? I need tips from you! :)

  2. Wait- D is taller than ME? how are you keeping up with a wardwrobe for that boy??

    Also, for 100% organic weed killer- hot boiling water works like a charm!


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