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Well. Y "finished" therapy, but we can go back if we need to. I feel like things are going so much better overall with him.  The therapist said she felt like he and I had a good bond, and so we mostly just worked on strategies for making good choices and some things like that.

Miss M was next on the list.  Some things with her have been concerning. One thing, which I've not mentioned before, is that even when she was a baby I she didn't like me that much. I know, it's weird. How can a baby show preferences? I just felt like she didn't care to be with me.  There's just this weird feeling, a lot of times and even now that's she's 7, like she's looking through a veil and doesn't see other people as human beings...or something. I can't even put my finger on it.

It is, basically, attachment disorder. :( It's terribly sad. She was taken into foster care as soon as she was born, but the thing is - she was with me (I did daycar…

The latest

So much to say! I'll do bullet points here at first.

1. The state didn't ask bio dad if they could share information with us; apparently the only children that he has that are adopted are ours. So, they could not do it anonymously. We decided that at this time we'll let sleeping dogs lie. He has not reached out to us in any way since his rights were terminated in 2012. We are easy to find, even if he was unsure of our names he could ask bio mom's family since he is still connected with them.  Kids haven't been asking about him as much so I guess we will just hang on here.

2. Jolene (aka big kid's bio mom - not her real name obviously) met up with us in December for her bi-annual visit with the kids. I thought it went really well.  She won't tell me what she is doing, if she's going to school or etc. so that's a little weird. She said she thought she'll be judged on that information, which...yeah, I mean, kinda?  During the visit she said somethi…