"That's a compliment!"

Things the 12 year old has said to or about me this week:

To his friend E: "Isn't it funny how small she is?"

While I was installing a doorknob: "I swear you look like you are my age when you are standing there like that."

While I was sitting on the couch: "Your leg muscles are HUGE! DANG!" followed a few confusing moments later by "That is supposed to be a compliment."

So there you have it. I look like a small, 12 year old midget with really strong legs. In case you were wondering. :)

We are going clothes shopping together today. He always buys clothes that two of him could wear which annoys me to no end. He insists that all shorts must reach below his knees, but at least he keeps the waist up above his butt crack which I appreciate. Oy.


  1. This just makes me laugh. I remember when he told me I was as skinny as a toothpick. I just wanted to hug him :)


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