GAL Visit

The GAL came to visit us last night. She was supposed to come the night before with everyone else but wasn't able to make it.

I have not liked the GAL. One of the first things she said the first time she came into my home, when she had been on the case for less than a month and I had been fostering these kids for almost a year, was "We are going to get you home to your mom soon, don't you worry!" Got on my bad side right away. Yes, I do have a bad side for those of you that don't believe it!

Well, she redeemed herself yesterday. She said she'd rather see the kids with us than with bio mom, and also she called me M's mom! Which made my little heart go pitter-patter, because the thought of being ANYONE's real mom is enough to bring tears to my eyes.

She did say that we wouldn't be able to adopt M until she has lived with us for 6 months and rights are terminated. I'm guessing we'd just want to adopt all the kids at once and have a big 'ol party, so best case scenario that would be probably October/November. She was saying that the time to get M into our home permanently would probably be about the time when the county attorney files the petition to terminate. We told her that we heard that would happen in the next month or so. She was surprised to hear that! So I am not sure how long it will be until Miss M comes to stay with us. It may be less time than we think!

She also did say that if bio mom wants to fight this thing it could take up to 2 years to get rights terminated. I really really really really hope she will just relinquish and be done with it.

I guess bio mom is getting kicked out of drug court which is unfortunate for her, because it has been a big support for her. I wish I could say all the crazy things that have been going on but I'm not sure I really can. Things are getting a little crazy though, but I haven't heard that anything bad has happened on visits so I am thankful for that. Hopefully it will stay that way otherwise people will be getting some naaasty emails from yours truly! :)


  1. Wow, I hope your family and Miss M are together soon.

  2. Wow! I sure hope for the kids sake and yours that it doesn't take two years! What in the world takes that long?


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