Not Me Monday

I definitely did not fail to cook enough dinner for my family of growing boys a few nights ago. And when the 2 year old asked for more food and there was none, I did not dish him up a bowl of strawberry compote - twice. We always try to make sure we have enough food for leftovers and besides, strawberry compote is basically strawberries and sugar, definitely not something to give to a toddler right before bed! Duh!

My 2 year old definitely did not fail to pull down his underwear prior to going to the bathroom, thus filling his underwear with pee while sitting on the toilet, and then proceed to get dressed...and then have a tantrum when I insisted he change his underwear and his clothes. Clearly we are teaching him to be a rational human being and to try to avoid wearing clothes full of pee.

Yesterday this very same 2 year old (are you seeing a pattern here? Because I am!) did not refuse to wear a diaper for nap time. And me, being the sensible parent that I am, did not agree with his refusal and allow him to go diaper free, since he has been doing a good job of staying dry during nap time. During said nap time, I definitely did not have to stop my yoga video upwards of 10 times to check on him and ask him to settle down...then the final time, he definitely did not say to me "I pooped!" At which point I did not only find his underwear full of poop but also full of pee. And then I did not try to change him in the bedroom, only to realize in frustration that it was way too messy, and take him into the bathtub leaving a trail of little turds behind us, which I then had to pick up one by one. He did not then fall asleep TWO HOURS after nap time started, only to have to be woken up after 45 minutes so that we could leave. I am so thankful this did not happen to me yesterday because if it had, I would be totally stressed out. And I'm so thankful that he was NOT a whiny baby for the rest of the evening and this morning as well.

And when a certain 12 year old was incredibly loud this morning and the previous mentioned over-tired 2 year old was woken up early and started crying, I also did not start crying in frustration. That would be really wimpy of me, hello!

After a very difficult night last night, my almost-four-year-old did not say to me first thing this morning, "I am going to make better choices today!" Oh wait...yes, yes he did. I think that's probably a good thing! :) Now if we could only all have the same mind set...


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