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Bio mom

So I'm sure I mentioned that I sent bio mom a message a few weeks ago just checking in on how she's doing, and I hadn't heard back from her.

Well I finally heard back from her last night. She's in the hospital for her heart and blood pressure, and it's not looking so good. She has struggled with this for a long time, it sounds like it runs in the family. She's still very young, too young to be dealing with this but I guess we don't get to decide what "too young" is.  Anyway it sounds like she'll be in the hospital at least for a few more days. And doctors found something else on her liver but aren't sure what it is. She was supposed to find out today but hasn't yet.

She asked me to call her, so I did. She said "You guys are about the only family I have left" meaning people that she actually talks to. :(  I was nervous about it because I thought maybe there was a chance of confrontation but it went just fine.  She sounded so t…

Pregnant dreams

So on Friday I started reading the book Divergent. You may have heard of the movie, it's in theaters now.  Anyway there are three books. Saturday I finished the first book...then I started, and finished, the second. Sunday I started the third book and I finished it up on Monday.

Saturday we also went to see the movie in theaters.  It was OK but kind of a let down after reading the books. Books just have so much more detail that you could never get from a movie that has to be squished into 2 hours, you know?

As you can see I was completely immersed in this Divergent nonsense.  So it should not be surprising that I had a dream about it!

I dreamed that I had the baby, and the day afterwards was chosen for a fight in the Dauntless faction.  Brian was telling me that the baby was fine, but the doctors said she wouldn't gain any weight until she was 28 weeks. I told him that there was NO WAY the baby could have survived, 15 weeks is not even close to the age of viability, but he ins…