D just told me that he feels more comfortable at his friend E's house than at our house. I asked why...he said he didn't know. I persisted and asked "Well is it because of the way it looks? The way they act? What is it?"

His answer is that our house is TOO CLEAN. Apparently when you walk in the door, it is like "aaaaaahhhhh!" the sound of angels singing. It's true, just ask D!

This child sees my house when I would consider it to be a pig sty. He sees it in the mornings on days when I spend 2-3 hours just cleaning and putting stuff away!

So I guess I'll take that as a compliment. Ha ha ha!

Also he told me that when he is 18 he is going to run away to live with his mom. Or else to live on his own. We had a chat about how I lived with my parents after I graduated from high school, and I worked and went to college full-time. He seemed surprised. I liked my parents, and the price was right. Oh and also he thinks life will be much easier when he is 14 because he will get a job. Good luck with that one mister! :)


  1. In his defense...are you saying you are not the least bit OCD about having a clean place? Having only had a peek in your house I really can't say one way or the other, but you do talk about cleaning it quite a bit! :P

    1. I only talk about cleaning so often because I have so many messy kids and a messy husband! ;)

    2. I guess I need to remember that I only live with one male and you live with FOUR.
      In other words, I will now remove my foot from my mouth :)

  2. Hey I'm not so messy!...yes I am.

  3. Haha...D has so much to learn. Hopefully it will sink in eventually :) Keep it up!


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