things that begin with M

Depressing things first - I'm pretty sure the marathon I had been planning on in May is not gonna happen due to injuries. I am going to shoot for the 1/2 marathon, which I know I can finish but I may not do it very quickly. I have lost about 2 pounds in the past two weeks; I'm pretty sure much of that is muscle mass from not running as hard and far as I had been.

I'm partly bummed, but I am also pretty much OK with it. We have a lot going on right now. I ran hard all winter long, and usually I take the winter off or at least my running slows waaaay down. I think I'm feeling a little bit of burn out. I almost didn't sign up for the full marathon in the first place and I think this is my body's way of reaffirming to my brain that now is not the time to go for another marathon. I ran 5 miles today and I can tell that my knee is swollen up. It kind of stinks but again, I'm OK with it. This summer I am going to stick to races that are either short duathlons, short triathlons, or running races that are 1/2 marathon or less. None of this long-distance stuff.

Next thing that begins with M - Miss M! She has been so much fun to have around lately. She is really warming up to my husband. He has pursued her relentlessly, and at this point she will run up to him and give him a hug and last night she was chasing him around the driveway. She doesn't have many men in her life regularly so she wasn't real sure what to think of him at first, but she loves him now.

Yesterday Miss M helped me with the "Pick all the yellow flowers!" game. She liked it for about 5 minutes until she got bored. :) Me and the 3 littles played outside for almost 2 hours yesterday afternoon and it was quite fun. Our kids are growing up so fast. I am going to start looking into a big-kids bike for C...he is 4 now and rides his trike like a speed demon so he might be ready.

Last thing, moving. We are so bad. We have been waffling about moving, going from not moving, to moving for sure and hopefully before school starts, to thinking of moving to a different town. I told my husband while we were running this morning that I think I'd be OK with not moving for another year or so. We talked about how that would allow D to go to school next year with his friends from our neighborhood (hopefully, as long as they don't allow bio mom to still have educational rights considering that termination is coming up), and allow us to enjoy all the updates we've done to our home, and hopefully to save up a lot more money because basically all the "extra" we earn in the next year can just go into savings (don't get me started on talking about saving up for 4 kids to go to college, one of which will be going in a little over 5 years). We have talked about just adding a master suite onto our current home because we really do like the location...we just don't like our neighbors that much. So basically, who the heck knows what will happen. I guess we'll just see!

We don't think having 3 kids in one room will be the end of the world, especially while they are so young. Oh a funny thing, the boys' therapist asked Y what his bedroom was like and he said "There's a lot of beds in there!" Yes, there are. We leave the crib set up for when M spends the night, and the boys' bunk beds are in there too. :)

So, there you have it. Three things that begin with M.

Now for things that don't start with an M, information. I have NO UPDATES. I am frustrated because I feel like I have no idea what is going on in this case, but then again there might not be anything to tell. Time just seems to be standing still. I have asked the caseworker for an update but I haven't gotten a response yet. I'm sure she's busy, but then again she's always busy. Sigh.


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