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Hell freezing over

The state got back to me (sort of). They said they could ask bio dad if they could share his info with me, but not actually tell him who I was.  They did say that a) he is currently the placement for his youngest child and b) that he is doing very well, and will get full custody of him soon.

What the h e double hockey sticks is going on here!?!?! 

So, just waiting to see if he will allow the state to share information with us.  This is just getting plain out crazy.

I don't know if/when we'd ever want to meet up with him, or if he would want to meet up with us, or if anything at all will come of this.  But this is starting to feel like something out of the twilight zone. My personal comfort zone with this kind of thing is tiny (VERY TINY) given the history of him that we know...however, people can and do's just very hard to believe.  I may have been fed a bunch of bad information, I don't know. Ugh. I am wasting so much time trying to find more information a…

Recon/Mission Impossible

Y has been asking about bio dad. A lot. Several times he has mentioned trying to find him when he gets older.

I've been pretty candid with them about bio dad. His history (at least, what I know of it) is not pretty.  I have shared most of it with the kids. What I haven't shared is that he has a lot of other children.  According to his Facebook, he has a lot. As in, double digits.  Not sure how many different mothers are involved, but I'm confident it is more than 4. 

We haven't discussed siblings with the kids yet.  Therapist said that around 12 is a good time, based on maturity and ability to comprehend. But of course we wouldn't lie about it either, if they asked before then.

Therapist said we ought to research bio dad and get as much information on him as possible.  Thus, I have been doing it.

It's kind of hard to research someone with a common name. There are people who live in the same town with the same name, one even with the same middle initial!

But so …