Taxes again

Tried to e-file our 2011 Federal return today, and it got kicked back because all of the boys have been claimed on someone else's return! Not surprising, but still kind of frustrating. We WAY overpaid on our taxes this year because our business did not do as well as it did last year and we weren't anticipating that. By we, I mean "I". I paid quarterly estimated payments throughout the year and ta-da, now at the end of the year we didn't even need to make them. But in 2010, we got penalized because we didn't make them. Taxes stink: you're darned if you do and danged if you don't!

So I think now we have to file on paper and wait who knows how long for this thing to go through. The IRS owes us a LOT of money so I hope it doesn't take too long!

Hmmmm if only somebody would have not fraudulently claimed the boys we could expect our refund in 7-14 days! Wouldn't that be nice. :) :) :) :)


  1. Seeing as I hope to do foster care in the future (near? who knows) I'd like to hear how this pans out. Does their mom get penalized? Does she have to pay back her amount? Does this count as a strike against her in the system? I have so many questions!

    1. I am not sure. I assume she has to pay back what she received, but she has no job and no property so the IRS has no way of collecting. So, good luck with that guys! You would think they would run a check against the kids in the foster care system in each state but maybe that is a little bit too hard of work.

      I'm not sure if it counts as a strike against her. I think it does make her look even worse but I don't know if they would take that in to evidence for the TPR trial or anything. I did let the CW know, so I guess if there is anything she needs to do with it then at least she has the info.

      I'll keep you updated though! :)

  2. Do you report that or how does that work?

  3. This is EXACTLY why I tried so hard to get our girls SS #s changed...but was denied. They even admitted--yes, they are at high risk for fraud, etc. but too bad. I was so frustrated! I am so sorry this has happened to you! Hope it gets resolved quickly!


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