Spring break

It is spring break right now. D is home from school alllll weeeeeek looooong.

Since his bio mom insisted he go to the school by her house instead of the school district that we are in, all of his friends are in school this week so he has nobody to hang out with during the day except for yours truly.

Really it has gone pretty well. He has done some work for me and so far he has earned like $30, not too shabby! He chopped down some branches for me (these were pretty beastly branches), dug up our non-producing grape vines, and did some odds and ends around the house. I took him with me to go running and also to buy running shoes and it has actually been a pretty fun time. He has had a great attitude for the most part which is nice!

Our caseworker came over tonight and gave us some info that she has found out since court. Bio mom is doing some kind of off-the-wall things which makes me very thankful that TPR is happening soon. It sounds like she is going back and forth on whether to consider relinquishing or not. She is alienating some of the people that have been working with her because she is mad at them, so that is unfortunate. She is just making some sad choices and I'm sad to see it going this way.

I had thought she was going to try harder with TPR coming up but it sounds like she is just starting to give up. I don't get it, but then I just don't get a lot of things that she has done. I'll probably never get it.

We came up with a tentative offering for contact. It's hard because with her going downhill it makes me more hesitant to offer. So far we are thinking one 2 hour visit per year, supervised by us, contingent on whether or not she is sober, one mailing per year with photos, letters from the kids that can write, and updates from me on stuff like grades and all that, as well as monthly phone conversations with D initiated by her. She will be responsible for staying sober, initiating the visits and phone calls, and making sure we have her correct address. I don't know if that is enough or not. It's hard to offer anything, honestly. That probably makes me sound like a terrible person.

We took a family bike ride to go to dinner tonight. I made an error on our bike ride and crashed into my husband, who was pulling the little boys. We were all OK, my husband took the brunt of it unfortunately. The boys told him several times to not fall off his bike, and also to wear his seat belt so he didn't fall off again. :)


  1. This should be called "Crash course in bike riding"

    -Sore Butt Husband

  2. Wow! I think your contact contract is EXTREMELY generous! Did someone advise you? I'm not sure what we'll do with X but we've been thinking about it. It's hard to know what is best.
    Glad to hear everyone survived the bike ride :)


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