Of course!

Of course, D would randomly ask me tonight, for the first time EVER, if he can come to court on the 8th.

Of course it will be the first court date that will most likely rock his world.

Any other court date would have been ho-hum, boring, no new info basically. I have asked him to come before and encouraged him to come but he said that he didn't want to and that he didn't think his mom would want him there.


Sent an email to the caseworkers to see what they think. I told them I can logistically bring him, but not sure if that would be the best thing. I can't really keep him from it though; he's old enough that I believe they will allow him to make his own decision.

So basically, I'm just really hoping that they say that he can't come. That is probably selfish and awful of me. If he does come, we will get through it though. Thankfully I will have some moral support in M's FM and our agency worker there in case of any disasters.

To be continued!


  1. He probably senses change and is probably why he wants to go.

    My county requires the kids to go to each and every hearing, I guess for older kids it may be good those in mid to late teens but for the little ones who have no idea what is going on, it is a mess! Theres a bunch of people they dont know trying to ask them a bunch of questions and theyre scared. Ugh!

    Hope it all works out for the best. Maybe he needs to go to get some kind of closure out of it?

  2. Wow! I hope it all works out for the best. Praying.

  3. like you said, "of course". who knows, it might be good for him to hear it from them so he does not hold any of this against you

  4. So the CW/GAL agree that he can come, but only if he wants to make a statement to the court/judge...then after that he needs to leave the court room for the rest of it. I am guessing he won't want to come now...but we shall see.

    In some ways I wish he would get to stay and hear everything, but also I don't want him to hate his mom or to think that she doesn't love him enough to change. :/ This is going to be really hard for him. And for us, I'm not gonna lie.


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