Days like these

This afternoon I picked up the kids. While D did his chores all three little ones played outside with me. Then we all went in and sat at the kitchen table; the little boys in their boosters, M on my lap, and D scooted up next to me on the laptop. The little boys wanted to "put stickers on paper" so we got out lots of stickers. They had a merry time while I peeled the backing off of big foam stickers and handed them to Miss M, who was completely fascinated and was eventually able to stick them to the paper. In between I answered homework questions and offered suggestions. Then I made a giant dinner of pancakes, two pounds of strawberries, eight eggs, and 3/4 pound of bacon. Every bite got eaten and everybody loved it.

Days like this I think to myself "Wow, everything is going to be okay! You can do this!"

I just love my family. :)


  1. I love those days too. I think the Lord gives us those day to encourage us for the "other" days :)


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