The Goose (a.k.a. Y) had his individual session today with his therapist. She said he doesn't seem depressed, he was laughing and smiling and talking a lot. She said she doesn't really see him doing those things at his mom's. He was much more relaxed than last time too.

It makes me sad that he is so different at his mom's house. I wonder why he is like that and I wonder what is going on in his little head. :(

I found out yesterday that the car seat we had for M is EXPIRED (booooo!) so I bought a new one today. It pretty much rocks the hizzouse. Regular $150, bought for $89. Goes from 22 to 80 lbs, rear faces up to 35 pounds, and it is pink with flowers. For realz. As the only girl in a family full of boys, I'm afraid Miss M may not get away from the color pink until she is in college.

And I realize this is kinda tacky, but I also found some little pegs in the $1 area at Target, and I bought three to put in the little ones' room. A butterfly for Miss M, and a monkey and a lion which the little boys can fight over. We will mount them at their height, and then they can hang their own coats up (yay!). This is exciting.

Also, I found this blog today, and you should probably go look at all the amazing ideas that they have. Go ahead. Right now.

Got a random text from bio mom at like 6:45 tonight asking for Y to call her because they apparently missed a therapy session today because nobody came and picked him up. He had a visit with her until noon and apparently this session was supposed to start at 1:00...which is during nap time? And nobody told me about it? And the therapist didn't mention it today? So I am not real sure if she is making it up or what. It seems like it might be kind of difficult for a child to have therapy twice in one day AND miss nap time to boot. But hey, I don't make the rules! So I had him call her. Whatev. Also I noticed that if they miss something and it is not her fault, she wants to talk to them on the phone. But if it is her fault, she doesn't ask to talk to them. Weird huh.

Now I have been blogging way too much lately, so I am going to try to refrain from blogging this weekend. So goodbye! :)


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