- The kids are at respite tonight. Yaaaay-oooo! It has been nice to have so much family time this week while D was out of school and while we went on two vacations, but it is really nice to have a bit of a break.

- Do you remember our first disrupted placement, C and Y (the 8 and 9 year old boys)? Well, our current boys are staying at their old foster mom's house for respite! Crazy, right? I chatted with her a little bit, and she said that the boys' placement with their aunt was disrupted and that she didn't know where they were now. That makes me very, very sad, because I think they were a good fit for us and we were a good fit for them too. Mostly Brian was a good fit for them; I think they really benefited from having him in their lives. I hope and pray that they are in a stable environment, wherever that may be.

- I ran 14.5 miles today, in the snow. It was so cold and wet that my dog had icicles hanging off of her outer coat. I felt bad but she had a really good time. She has issues, clearly. :)

- We had a really nice time visiting our friends and family in Wichita, and our hotel was awesome. It had a bedroom inside of the room, two bathrooms and two showers, plus DH and I got to sleep in a king bed which is always a treat. :) Also, D did not complain at ALL on the way down or on the way back. It was pretty sweet.

- Got notified that the kids will have an extra day per week with their mom, upping the visits from 8 hours per week to 12 hours. The visits will be on Wednesday evenings after D gets out of school. Also I guess a therapist will be going to some of the visits which I think will be good, and I guess now that therapist is going to assess C for his Early Childhood Development stuff and then work with him while he is on visits...? I am not sure how all of that will be handeled really, it doesn't seem like a few hours a week would be enough to work with him if he does have problems so maybe they will want me involved too. But most likely not, because I bet mom will not want me involved. We'll see what happens.

- I am excited about the extra visits but hope she can be consistent with it.

- D started flag football! He had his first practice today but it got cut short because of the weather. Can't really blame them, it was snowy and cold! Brrrrr!

- We went and saw The King's Speech tonight. It was a pretty good show!

I think that's basically it for tonight. :)


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