Today is the C-Monster's birthday! He is turning 3 years old. This is his second birthday in foster care.

I am not an over-the-top celebrator person. I don't go all crazy over days, it's just not my style. Not that there is anything wrong with people that do! First thing this morning I did tell him it was his birthday, and that he was three now and not two! He was excited. But between then and now, somehow he got it into his head that he is "eleven" which is how old D is...not sure how that happened! I also told him we are having a birthday party for him tomorrow and he kept saying "I wanna play with mah berfday!"

So mostly I have spent today cleaning up for tomorrow's party, and baking the birthday cake! A LOT of people are coming, so I also made some cupcakes too. Can't let anybody miss out on cake, you know!

First I baked the cake and the cupcakes:

Clearly, Betty Crocker I am not (although I DID use her cake mixes, which is a step in the right direction methinks!)

Then I mixed up a bunch of frosting:

Then I was left with these somewhat messy looking cupcakes

And this highly unprofessionally decorated cake!

Obviously I did not have fun doing this at all. :)

I went shopping for his birthday presents last night. It's the first time we've really bought anything big and fun for the boys...well, other than the other day when I got them all easter baskets and a bunch of fun things to fill them with...but I haven't gotten to give those to them yet so that doesn't count! Most of what we have bought for them is necessities or just small things here and there. ANYWAY, I am really excited about all the stuff we got him! I bought most of it with his little brother also in mind. I am not sure if that's really the right way to go about things but I figure that if one is playing with it, the other one is going to be too, right? I don't know what Y is going to do in a few years when C starts going to school and he has to stay behind. :(

It is a BEAUTIFUL day today and I think we are all going to go to the park later, hopefully. Yesterday we played outside a bit, and C took us on an exploration of the woods that we live next door to. It was fun! M slept in the Moby the whole time, she was having none of it.

Speaking of M...she slept for almost 4 hours this morning and is napping again. I guess she and her foster mom were out late last night so she is very sleepy! I'm glad she is getting the sleep she needs and I am SO glad that she is napping well here now.

It seems like I had something else profound today, but I can't remember it at all now so...oh well! :)


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