Foster Care Review Board! & etc.

The FCRB meeting was tonight. The FCRB is a board of volunteers that review cases of kids in foster care and make recommendations to the judge. The judge doesn't have to accept their recommendations but they take a lot of time going through the case files and talking to the caseworkers, that kind of thing. I'm really glad we went. They asked a lot of good questions and we also provided some information to them. It was a good experience and I'm glad we went!

C's tantrums are back with a vengeance. Yesterday morning I was supposed to go to Bible study, and normally the kids go to the daycare at church. Well, my husband also asked me to take D to school, which isn't that big of a deal on Tuesdays but it is a deviation from me and the little boys' normal routine. C pretty much freaked out as soon as he found out we were having breakfast "to go". He screamed pretty much for about 45 minutes. I decided that I didn't want to subject the oh-so-kind ladies at church to his craziness, so instead he just took a morning nap. And then he took an afternoon nap too. And life was much better.

Then today he had some tantrums this morning too. I don't know what his deal is. It seems like it has gotten worse since visits started up again, but it's hard to tie it to anything specific. It's not like it is a predictable pattern, where I could say "Oh, every morning after he has visits he has tantrums" or something like that.

Y threw up this morning. It was just once, and he was in bed, and it got on pretty much everything but thankfully I was able to just throw it all in the washing machine. He took a REALLY long afternoon 3 hours. I am ashamed to admit that I thought to myself, "Boy, I would totally wash his bedding every day if it meant that he would take a 3 hour nap!"

Baby M has RSV. She's been a bit under the weather, occasionally coughing, doing a little wheezing. Nothing major but given her age I guess it technically could be major. Anyway she went to the doctor today, and since she has RSV she is not supposed to be around other kids that could reinfect her I guess, so her foster mom is going to stay home with her tomorrow and Friday. Friday she will go back in to be tested again for it.

Honestly I'm kind of looking forward to a break from the baby. I love her very much, don't get me wrong! But I can't go anywhere when she's here, plus her nap schedule kind of puts a cramp on things. Not that she is on a serious schedule, but for example today she slept from about 8:30 until 11:30 this morning. I know she's not feeling well so she is napping more than usual, and it's good for her to sleep. And we don't go many places just stinks to not be able to go places because it's too much of a pain. And coordinating her feeding, and all that stuff that goes with having a baby.

I've been thinking more and more about quitting watching the baby. I know that's terrible, right? I just feel like the little boys are kind of missing out because of it, like I can't do as much stuff with them and we can't do as many fun things. I think it will be better when the weather is nice, because we can go for walks and I can wear the baby or once she is big enough she can ride in the stroller and C can walk with me, and we can go to the park and play outside and stuff. I think I am just getting a little stir crazy.

I attempted to play Candy Land with C today. I don't think he really understood the concept, and he got tired of it after about 5 minutes. But he got to show off his color knowledge and so I think he at least liked it a little. I'm thinking he needs to be a little older to really enjoy it. :)

The GAL came to visit today. This was the first time I've met him in person and he was very kind. He tried to chat up D and did not get offended at all when D was a little on the rude side. We were teasing D ahead of time about the fact that he needed to work on his "angry face" because he always likes to have this really bitter look on his face when people involved in the case come over. He practiced it during dinner but did a really bad job of it. He pulled it off OK for the GAL though. :)

OOooooh and tomorrow since the baby won't be here, I can take the little boys running with me! Yaaaay!


  1. Just something to consider (no judging intended:) ) but moms usually feel guilty with a new one around, as the older ones have to miss out on other activities. Just remember, it's only a few months in the long run!


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