Frustrating day

That's what it's been!

Going back and forth with everyone over this stupid doctor thing. I want to take C in because I am really worried about his constipation issues and I do think they are related to his tantrums. Today he screamed all morning over everything, finally I just put him to bed and told him he was not coming back out until he took a nap (yes, I am going for the Most Compassionate Foster Parent of the Year award, vote for me!). He fell asleep pretty quickly and slept. For FIVE HOURS. I am totally serious. Then tonight he said he needed to poop and (hopefully this is not TMI) he did the hugest poop I've ever seen in my life. Like, I do not even understand how that came out of his little body. So I am thinking all of this is related, like his tummy doesn't feel good and it causes him to need crazy amounts of sleep and to have tantrums, but maybe he just can't verbalize it.

Basically the SC told me I'm SOL, but I could take him to this Urgent Care place, but they might not take Medicaid. I went back and said I don't know that he needs to go to Urgent Care, but I do think he needs to be seen and that I feel like I am being held hostage and I have no power, and that this is affecting my life (and C's) more than anybody else's and I am having to pay the consequences. And I asked what happens if I take him in and they don't take Medicaid? Then the HHS worker came back, added the kids' attorney and I think Mom's attorney too and said that if we need to take this to court we can, but that he needs to go to the doctor ASAP and that he should not have to wait for bio mom to pick a new doctor. I wanted to cheer, I was so happy!

Then SC came back and said to pick a new doctor closer to bio mom to try to appease her and make an appointment with that doctor.

But the totally bummer thing is that all this time I've spent trying to deal with this nonsense and time is ticking away. By the time I got that email it was almost 4:00, we are going out of town tomorrow and not getting back until late on Friday, so I won't be able to take him anywhere until Monday. I emailed back and said I don't see why I should have to go to all the trouble of researching and picking a new doctor, and getting it changed through Medicaid again, since bio mom is probably just going to tell me again that it is not good enough and that I need to change his doctor again. I think it's freaking ridiculous.

Also I found out that my husband's credit card number got stolen and somebody bought some video games and shipped them to Montana and to Massachusetts, isn't that special? So I also spent the day trying to deal with that too.

It has been kind of a hard couple of weeks. :(

The bright side is that yesterday we had the pseudo team meeting and it went well. We found out a bunch of information, though there is a lot more I'd like to know, but hopefully in the next few weeks we will start getting more answers.


  1. You have a lot on your plate honey - and you are doing a great job. The Foster Care System in Nebraska is so fortunate to have you guys. They just don't know how lucky they are. I'm praying for you and know that God will supply what you need to get through this. Wish you were closer so we could do more... Love you!

  2. And as a side note, the word verification I had to do to post this on my Google account was "depoop". Very fitting for today's post :)


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