And the verdict... that the doctor I picked is not good enough (why, I have no idea, other than possibly 5 miles is too far away from her home, although traveling 5.3 miles to see her old doctor is NOT too far away...). So she is going to pick a new doctor "in the next couple of weeks". So what am I supposed to do in the meantime if he gets sick? Can't go to his old doctor, because he is no longer the PCP. Can't call his new doctor, because mom doesn't want him to go there and guess what, she has the right to choose! Can't go to his new-new doctor, because bio mom can't find time in her busy schedule to choose a new doctor for another couple of weeks...? It's a hard life when you only have to take care of kids 8 hours a week and have no job. Yup.

I am a hostage, indeed.

Also, the past 2 nights the little boys have stayed up until 9 p.m. talking to themselves in their room. What a quandry. I've half a mind to leave them in there for at least 11 hours no matter when they wake up in the morning, because that's now much sleep they need! What the heck, man.


  1. wow. that doctor thing is ridiculous. i hope he doesn't get sick.


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