The new doctor!

Welp, I took the C Monster to his new doctor today. We didn't actually meet with the doctor, we met with a PA. And can I just say, SHE IS AWESOME.

I explained my concerns to her about his constipation. She explained to me how once a child becomes constipated once, it can lead to a cycle that just keeps going because the body actually can go through some changes that make constipation keep happening. She also said that kids his age have a lot of psychological stuff that goes on that sometimes causes them to just hold it in, or that it could be a problem of part of his colon not functioning properly.

So she said to keep him on stool softener for 2 weeks to allow his body to heal, then take him off. If he gets constipated again she will refer him to a psychologist and they will begin taking steps to eliminate causes such as the colon thing, food allergies, etc.

Also I had her look at his feet. He walks on the arches of his feet, and his achilles tendons turn out instead of just going straight down the way normal people's do. I told her that his old doctor attributed the problem to C being premature, and that when I took him in this last time and mentioned it again he didn't even examine them. She looked at his feet and said that it did not look right at all to her, and that she was going to refer C to a specialist! She said that she will be surprised if C doesn't have to start wearing leg braces to correct the problem. They are setting up an appointment for him to go in. She said the specialist he will see is really good and focuses on pediatrics, and she said if he says there is nothing wrong with C that she will take his word for it.

So...holy cow! I feel SO much better about this! I am thrilled beyond belief that there is a game plan now, that hopefully we will start getting some answers. I had to wear corrective shoes when I was little and I remember it being pretty painful and asking my parents if I could take them off. If we have to go through that it will be hard but there is a light at the end of the tunnel now.

I am so happy. I mean...really. I feel like all my fighting in this is finally coming to fruition and I feel a little bit justified in all of my concerns. Whew!


  1. another battle won! Way to go Brynn!

  2. Awesome! What great progress. So good to hear for C's sake. Great work fighting the battle for his best interest!!!!


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