What am I supposed to do?: A Rant in the Key of C Minor



Lots of them.

Long ones
Short ones
Tearful ones
Fake ones
Kicking ones
Fighting ones
Laying down
Standing up

Tantrums walking in to the grocery store (we turned around and went home instead of shopping, he threw himself down in the middle of the parking lot - life is so hard)
Tantrums when we got home from the grocery store (I am happy now, I wanna go grocery store! yeah right buddy)
Tantrums leaving the Children's Museum (oh, the disdainful looks and stares from the other mothers!)
Tantrums at Valentino's (again, oh the stares!)
Tantrums before Bible study (guess I didn't really want to go to that anyway!)

Terrible, terrible tantrums
Life altering tantrums
Tears from him and tears from me
How am I supposed to live like this?
How does anyone live like this?

Will his third year make things better?
Or will it just bring more of the same?

Here's hoping for change.


  1. I'm so sorry....I was hoping that you were nearing the end of the phase - but now there seems to be a resurgence. UGH. Maybe you should tell him he'll never get a date if he keeps behaving like that :) Love you honey! And you continue to amaze me in so many ways!


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