New doctor!

I got a new doctor for the C-Monster! He is a family physician that specializes in pediatrics and also is a Psychologist, and I am hoping that the combination of these things will equip him to offer some new insight into some of the issues that C has.

At first I was very disheartened. Lots of pediatricians (in fact, ALL of them in our town) are full of patients and are not accepting new Medicaid patients, period. Then I called one place that made it sound like I could not bring C in just for a second opinion, which I had been told by our HHS worker that I could. After several long (and confusing) phone calls, I got to talk to a very nice lady at Medicaid enrollment who helped us find some physicians in our area. I looked them up and really I think this new doctor is going to be stellar.

I looked him up on a doctor rating website, and he got 5 stars out of three reviews. The boys' current doctor got 2 stars out of four reviews (3 of them were 1 star, one was 5 star). Also, if it is any indication, this doctor is booked until April with appointments, whereas the boys' current doctor you can get a same-day appointment with the doctor himself. At the new doctor they have several interns and PAs if the physician is not available, which on the one hand might be kind of frustrating but I think it will be better than our current situation.

But then I had to get permission from bio mom to change the doctor, since she has medical rights still. And our SC told us that she told him it was OK to change the doctor and she didn't feel their current doctor was very good. But I believe he has been the kids' doctor for a long before they came to live at our house? So that is kind of confusing I guess, if she didn't like him then why didn't they change a long time ago?

But at least it is changed now, and I just have to wait about a week for the new cards to come. Oh and a bonus is that this doctor is about 3 miles from our house, as opposed to being about 30 minutes away - Yay!

Bio mom has been accepted to a new program, and so the case is going to have new team members working on it. So the old SC is no longer going to be working on the case, starting here shortly (yay! whoops did I say that , and there will be a new caseworker. Also it sounds like they will do bonding assessments for the three little ones and bio mom, and maybe some family therapy. C will be included in therapy and because of this I will be included in some of it too, apparently. I don't really know much about this new program but I feel like suddenly things are moving along, which is really what is in the best interest of these kids so I am happy!

And Y ate play-doh today and cried because apparently it was really nasty. Also he got green drool on his shirt. Just a little tidbit. :)


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