Saturday the kids had a visit, and I wrote to bio mom about how I had found C a new doctor. I told her what I found out about him and why I thought he would be good. She wrote back and said basically that if we are changing on kid's doctor, she wants to change them all, and that she wants the doctor to be closer to her house, and that oh by the way C had an accident and can I send the clothes that he was wearing back to her because they belong to someone else.

She says she wants to start going to doctor's appointments which I suppose in theory is commendable. I am a little irked because I have taken Y to his 12 month, 15 month, and 18 month check ups, plus C to his 3 year check up, not to mention numerous visits for other concerns, and oh yes let's not forget that I took Y to a surgery that SHE requested he have done, and she did not even show up. She has never come to one appointment, ever. This whole time I've been driving 14 miles one way (takes about 30 minutes to get there, and 30 to get back) with a whole slew of kids every time I have to take one of them in, and we've been going to the doctor that SHE picked. And I took hours (literally) out of several days, made tons of phone calls, did research and found a doctor that I thought would do a good job, and then now she is going to criticize my choice? Really? She still has medical rights, though I guess I don't really know why all things considered. I feel a little bit like I am being held hostage and I am tired of having to co-parent. :(

I was so upset on Saturday when I found all this out I just wanted to scream. I did a quick search on Google Maps and found that the doctor she selected is 5.3 miles from her home; the doctor I selected is 5 miles from her home. Woot! So the one I picked is actually slightly closer to her. Plus he is WAY closer to my home, he is even in my same zip code (yay).

I wrote her back and explained that this doctor is closer than her old doctor, and that I am happy to change the doctor for all of the boys if that is OK with her. They have a visit today so I will be interested to see what she has to say. I think I'm also going to say that if she wants a different doctor she needs to give me the name, phone number, and address, and she needs to call and verify that they are accepting new Medicaid patients. Because honestly I doubt she would take the time to do all of that. I don't want to get into some kind of back-and-forth with her where she says "No, I don't want that doctor" and so I find another one, "No, I don't want that doctor" etc.

Tonight we are having a "team meeting" except that bio mom will not be there, because she doesn't want us foster parents to be at team meetings. So this is the first team meeting that I will have ever been to, in 9 months of being a foster parent. Did you know they are supposed to be every month? Ha! I am pretty excited and hope to get some information about the new program that bio mom is in and how that will affect the children.

This weekend we went to Great Wolf Lodge. It was pretty fun! We only stayed one night because it was really pricey. All of the kids had a good time. D met some kids his age and hung out with them and did all the slides and all the crazy stuff. C was splashing around like crazy and being a daredevil because he was wearing a life jacket. Y was nervous at first with the life jacket on, but once I figured out that he was more comfortable without it he had a good time. He and C both went down the little kids' slides approximately 4 billion times, give or take. :) C was going down face first! D thought it was pretty fun to go down the crazy big kid slides with his friends and try to get the tube to flip so they would fall out. Kids! :) We also ate at this really sweet restaurant where a train comes and delivers your food to you! Pretty cool! :)

We were all glad to be home I think. It's tough with the kids being such different ages and trying to accommodate their different interests and sleep schedules and such. I think GWL would have been a lot more fun if the little ones didn't still need naps and early bed times, but it was still pretty fun. C even was pretty gracious and only had a handful of tantrums, most of which were in private and short-lived.

Heading back out of town in a few days to go visit some of my family, but it will just be overnight. I am hoping that the pool at the hotel will be open but I think it might just be an outdoor pool (bummer!). We might have to find a park or something like that to go play at. Hope the weather will be nice!


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