Feeling better!

I pretty much had a pity party all day yesterday. Yes, I know, I am pathetic. I let C watch Dora for over an hour yesterday which I pretty much never do. I basically accomplished nothing all day except for surviving and keeping everybody else alive.

But the good news is today I feel about 100% better. I got to take care of the baby last night and had her today and she is feeling MUCH better and oh so smiley...oh man I love that baby! And I got my 11 mile run in and I let my dog come, and she had so much energy in the last 2 miles that I was kind of jealous.

AND my husband helped me map an 11 mile route to Chipotle and I ran there, and he met me there after my run and bought us burritos. And now I'm going to shower and take it easy until the boys get home and hopefully we can watch No Ordinary Family tonight after the littles are in bed. :)

Court in THREE DAYS! Oddly enough, it is also the day that we get our brand new fridge to replace our extremely small 1986 model. I am excited for the fridge, not so excited about court although I don't think anything major is going to happen. But we'll see.


  1. Honey - you deserve a pity party every once in awhile! You have so much on your plate and I think you are handling things better than anyone else I know would. Just hang in there and know that your mom and dad are praying for you as always. We love you and are proud of you!

  2. Oh man. I'm writing this comment for no reason other than I very possibly may be your biggest fan (other than your mom, obviously, who is an incredible supporter of you, which is what all moms should aspire to be, but IS quite noteworthy and awesome!!) AND that you should know that I am encouraged by your journey AND that I'm praying for you friend!!! (im probably like your #2 fan... Or maybe #3;)
    1. Janelle
    2. Dad (sooorry, Brynn's dad, I can't remember your name although I can see your face!)
    3. Me!


    P.S. BTW, am I really supposed to be at 11 miles? Because I kind of have only run four miles total since psycho wycho on Valentines Day weekend. :(( Uh oh.

  3. My training schedule is pretty conservative. Plus you are much more of a stud than I am, and I'm sure you'll have no problem building back up for the marathon! :)

    And thanks for being a fan. You are a pretty cool chic yourself! :)


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