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Well, got notified yesterday that visits will be reduced, so they will only be 2 days per week. This is so that bio mom can work on her issues and not focus on the kids as much. Also I think it's so she doesn't look bad, since she missed 20+ visits over a 2.5 month period of time...yikes. Less visits = less cancellations, by default!

Told D, he was super bummed. He knows that more/longer visits mean he is closer to going home...so now the opposite is happening. He actually told me "I wish you would have just told me that she canceled!" Kind of sad, he is admitting he'd rather just be in the dark and lied to about what is going on in his case. :( But that is kind of how he is about everything with his family, I think.

SC said the earliest, absolute best case scenario for the kids going home is 5 more months. But he made it sound like the judge in this case is not very hard on parents and so the case could drag on, even if she doesn't get her stuff together. But really, who knows. He said if she continues canceling it could drag on even more. They want her to be consistent with two visits a week for a month or a couple of months, then start increasing again assuming she has done all the other stuff she is supposed to do.

He also said that the judges like it if we can bring the kids to court. Well, I think M would do OK, but the thought of bringing the little boys to court, especially when bio dad will be there (they haven't seen him in I think close to 6 months)...it does not sound like a fun time to me! Y can't even sit through a 20 minute cartoon, much less an incredibly boring court room experience. D doesn't want to go because he thinks his mom wouldn't want him there. Which is probably an accurate assessment.

M took two 3-hour naps yesterday. She has not been sleeping well at night I guess, waking up every hour or so. She has been producing immense amounts of drool, leading me to wonder if she is teething. She is almost 5 months old...hard to believe! I have started letting her cry a little bit at nap time...yesterday she cried for 15 minutes before she fell asleep, today I think it was more like 5 or 10 minutes. I just can't be away from the other kids for 30+ minutes trying to lull her to sleep when she is clearly fighting it. She seems like she is getting used to it though so that is good. She has been taking "real" naps in the pack-n-play. :)

I couldn't go to bible study this morning because C was having tantrums out the wazoo. The kid was just falling apart, having fits over every little thing. The morning was kind of weird because I had to take D to school, which I normally don't...so I had to get the little ones loaded in the car and they ate breakfast on the go. I think just the break from routine had him stressed out. He cried (a.k.a. SCREAMED) for about 30 minutes and then I just decided that I didn't feel right letting the daycare folks at church deal with him, so I put him to bed. He woke up an hour and a half later in a MUCH better mood.

They are supposed to have a visit today so that's pretty exciting, I have about 1,000 errands to run and I am also supposed to literally run also.

Just remembered I have to finish writing up a statement on how the kids are doing for court...so off I go!


  1. oooo, judges like that just make things worse- kind of like pulling off a band aid s-l-o-w-l-y.
    and yeah for napping babies!


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