Track meeet!

D had his first track meet today. It's been really weird; he hasn't been asking us to tell his mom when and where is meets are and he didn't want that with his basketball games either. But with his football games he was really concerned that she knew when and where they were.

ANYway. His first track meet today went OK I think. I had a 10K, so what I did was drop him off, go do my race, and then my husband arrived at the track meet with the little boys, then I met up with them and we stayed for the rest of the time. I think my husband was able to see all FIVE of D's events. I don't really know anything about track, I'm not gonna lie, but my husband did track in middle and high school so he knew what was going on so that was nice. D ran a mile in 6:05 which I think is really fast. He took 3rd place. And he did the hurdles, which C kept calling "curdles" and Y kept calling "turtles". And he did the 1/2 mile and shot put, and was supposed to do a relay thing but that part got canceled because of lightening.

The little boys were pretty good. They kept the people around us entertained. They found those little helicopter things that come off of maple trees and were throwing them in the air and chasing them around.

Afterwards D was really crabby to me but I don't really know why. He cheered up eventually though. I think he was upset because his coach gave him some pointers for next time and D was hurt that the coach didn't tell him good job.

I set a PR in the 10K, ran it in 53:33 which is cuhrazy fast for me, 5 minutes faster than my previous best. I think I may have taken 4th or 5th female place, but it was a small race so that's not really that prestigious or anything. Maybe by the end of the summer I'll be able to do a 10K in less than 50 minutes. That would be awesome.

This evening it was really stormy so the visit got canceled because of the weather and the possibility of tornadoes. I'm not gonna lie, I was worried about the boys getting stuck there and then something bad happening. I'd much rather have them here with me! They were fascinated with D's track meet and we conducted 20+ "races" through the living room and down the hallway. It's so funny because they don't even care or keep track of who wins, they just run and run and run. Then I set up some hurdles for them to hop over and they did that for a while. Now hopefully they sleep well tonight! :)


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