Easter of course!

Because that's what all the cool kids are blogging about today. :)

We went to an indoor water park with my husband's dad (a.k.a. "Big Grandpa"), his brother Jason, and two of our nephews who are both 7. I guess at this point they are our only nephews. Anyway.

It was a fun time! My husband's dad did such a great job with the little boys. They both had a fun time with him, and he set up an easter egg hunt for them (with the help of our nephews) and got them some gifts like kites, giant coloring books, etc. It was pretty sweet. And my husband's brother was really nice to them too; he went with D and DH to the arcade and played games and he held Y and C and let them try on his motorcycle helmet. Actually when Y woke up the first morning we were there he asked "Where is the motorcycle guy?" Yeah buddy, that "guy" is your (soon-to-be) uncle Jason. Ha ha!

We went to T-Rex Cafe and the little boys were terrified of all of the dinosaurs. They did not want to be put down and they did NOT want to go within several feet of them. They did enjoy looking at the fish in the aquariums but that was about it. Then the Easter Bunny was going around the restaurant, and C went and got his picture taken with it but Y was too afraid still. Then then when we got home they couldn't stop talking about "the dinosaur place" and pretended that they were going there again.

We also went to Fritz's, which is this very cool place where they deliver your food to you on a train. The food is not great but the experience was fun. We've taken them there before but they were so little I'm sure they can't remember. This time they gave us two booths, and Big Grandpa sat in a booth with all 5 of the kids. I sat with him, then he told me to go away and that he could handle it. He didn't need to tell me twice! I felt kind of bad for him but hey, he asked for it! :)

The water park was really fun. Couldn't convince the little boys to go down any of the "big" slides more than once. C went down one in a raft with DH, and C fell out and smacked his head so that was sad. :( Y went down next with DH, and Y said "That was fun!" but then he didn't want to do it again either.

There was a definite lack of sleep over the weekend but I suppose that's to be expected. Put the little boys to bed last night around 7:15 for our first night back home and they slept until almost 8 this morning! :) Y was still a little cranky but he's two so that is to be expected too. I'll be glad when this little phase is over. :)

Also while we were there I ran 10 miles at Wyandotte County Lake Park, which is a very hilly park around a lake. It was pretty hard, over 1,000 feet of climb. I averaged 10:45 miles which is really pretty good considering all the hills. My quads were very very tired but it was a beautiful day and a beautiful place for a run.

I was pretty bummed that we didn't get to go to Easter service at our church. The boys have been learning about Easter at preschool and at church and I have been talking to them about it a little bit too, so at least there is that.

This was a pretty boring post but oh well I guess! No other big news right now. Court is one week from tomorrow.


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