I have some news.

I wish I could tell you!

But I can't. I MIGHT be able to tell you tomorrow. Then again, I might not. I don't want to get your hopes up! ;)

Seriously I am kind of bursting. Except it's a hesitant burst because this is foster care, and nothing really happens until it has officially happened, for real, on paper, as approved by a judge. That's it.

So let's see. This morning I took the 3 littles to an indoor playground type thing. Miss M was not really feeling adventurous so I held her almost the entire time. That girl is heeaaavy! She is nearly as big as Y, for real. Anyway they all had fun. I coached them all ahead of time that we needed to stay together (1 parent + 3 toddlers + public place = chaos!) and I asked them if they were going to cry when it was time to go and they decided they wouldn't cry. And they did such a good job and were such good kids, for real. They stayed where I could see them for the most part and they did not cry or even whine when it was time to go, which for my crew is amazing. And let me say that last time I went to this place with just Y and C I carried them both simultaneously out the door, along with their coats and shoes which they refused to wear. This time they put their shoes and jackets on themselves and walked on their own two feet. That is some serious progress! And thank goodness for that, because there is no way I could carry them all now. :)

Have I told you yet that I think the plan is to have Miss M moved in before June? At least, that's what I've been told. It is so strange that we will have another child possibly in a month or so, and yet I don't really have to do anything to prepare. I mean, there are probably things I COULD do, but we have her crib set up, I already have a car seat, high chair, and all the important things you might need for a baby, since she is already here so often! OK she isn't a baby. But we still call her a baby around here.

Yesterday I told D I'd like to try to braid his hair sometime. He said, "How about right now?" And I said, "Um...OK?" So we did that. It was my first attempt at corn rows and I'm not gonna lie, they weren't pretty. But it was just practice. If I'm being honest, I HATE the look of corn rows on boys. On little girls sometimes it's cute when they are angled to the sides and have beads in the hair and stuff. But anyway, he likes them, so I guess I need to learn how to do it or else deal with him looking like a 'fro boy forever. He is so handsome with short hair, I don't know why he wants that bush on his head! Oh well. :) Today I bought some rubber bands and I guess I'll just keep trying. I think it would be easier if his hair was longer than 2 inches. It seems like a lot when you look at him, but then when you are trying to work with it it is not that much!

I guess I will leave you until tomorrow, then. I hope I can sleep tonight! :)


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