Little pills

Weeelllll. D told me yesterday that one of his friends gave him a pill at school yesterday and he took it. I believe I blogged a week or two ago about how one of his friends DIED because of taking pills. So you can imagine my utter shock when he told me about what he did!

Apparently they were just sugar pills that diabetics take when they have low blood sugar. At least, that's what he was told. So anyway, I tried to have a chat with him about how if somebody gives you a pill you have NO IDEA what it is or what it could do to you, even if your friend tells you it's OK. He brushed it off of course, I am always overreacting don't you know!

So anyway. He is 12 years old. This makes me so flustrated. How could something like this happen? I am really hoping that nothing bad happens the rest of the year and that next year he can start going to school in our district and hopefully crap like this won't be going down. And I hope he took my words to heart, even though to me it appeared he just brushed them off. I am glad he felt like it was something he could talk to me about.

The petition to terminate parental rights was filed on Friday. Court on Tuesday will be adjudication I guess, so probably not much is going to happen. Oh and CW said that Miss M will hopefully be moved in with us before July 1, so that way if the termination or relinquishment happens this year then we can finalize all 4 adoptions this year. So that is kind of exciting! Maybe I'll be a mother before I turn 30 after all. :)

D has been asking about moving in with his "god mother", she lives about an hour away from us. I emailed the caseworker about it and she said she has never heard of that person and that they aren't family, so that isn't going to happen. So that was kind of a firm and fast response, faster than usual at least. D is going to be bummed I'm sure.


  1. Grr, this same kind of thing happened with my 13 year old a few weeks ago at the gym. She had a head ache so one of her teammates gave her two “pills”. She said her mom only gives her one, but everyone on the team said she could have two. She had no idea what pill it was. I am glad she told me about it so I could talk to her about peer pressure and the danger of taking random pills that you don’t really know what they are even from friends.

    I know it hurts but I assure that D is not rejecting you personally, he is rejecting the situation. It is very to be a ½ child ½ grown up with no control as your life (that you don’t think is so bad) is ripped apart. My heart really goes out to both of you.

    1. That is so scary. I told the caseworker about what happened and she said that if it happens again we should probably just take him to the emergency room in case he has a reaction, since he really has no idea what he is taking. I hope that doesn't happen though. :(

    2. I don't disagree! in my childs case i am pretty sure it was A*vil, form her discription...but still...

  2. Just wanted to say you are a Mother, and it seems like a good one. You love on those kids, protect them,nurture them, train, and guide them, and they already break your heart a little bit. I have 2 bios and 3 foster and from what I see you know motherhood and what it all means. You are just waiting for a piece of paper. You are already a "momma" in all the ways that matter.

  3. Wow! I think I would have "overreacted" myself!! Praying that God gives you wisdom as you deal with these things.


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