He knows

Now D knows. The CW came over and just told him, in front of all of us. He did not say one word and walked out. He likes to be alone when he gets upset so it was nothing out of the ordinary. He stayed outside for probably 15 minutes or so, then took the dogs for a walk. When he came back, he was acting completely normal and joking around and stuff.

So I am not sure what is going on. I think partly he kind of already could tell just from the way things have been going that it was not good. And I wonder if part of him is just relieved to just finally know what is going to happen and to not have to worry or wonder about it anymore. But I also know he hasn't dealt with this all yet and behaviors or whatever might be coming down the pike.

Not a whole lot of news, otherwise. The county attorney is filing for termination either Monday or Tuesday so that is coming up. We will still have a hearing on April 17th, but more to set a time for the termination hearing. The CW anticipates that may be scheduled for July sometime, if bio mom decides not to relinquish. CW also said she may be ordered by the judge to mediate between us and bio mom a contact agreement, so that we can come to an arrangement to make her more likely to relinquish. As far as Miss M moving in, I have no idea still because we are only licensed for 3 kids. Our agency worker is not sure when she will get our license thing done. Sounds like the CW is saying wait, but I don't really understand why. Miss M has to live with us for 6 months before we can adopt her, so if bio mom relinquishes then we would just be waiting for that 6 months to be up. We would rather have it be sooner than later, if you know what I mean. So IMHO, no sense waiting for M to move in, and then have to wait longer to be able to adopt them. All 4 would be adopted at the same time so it's not like we'd just be waiting on her adoption; we'd be waiting on all of them.

So I guess that's it for now. We embark on a family vacation tomorrow. There will be 9 people all together, and I will be the only female. Pray for me! ;)

ETA: Found out why he's taking it so well. He said his mom told him several weeks ago! So, this might be the reason he's been kind of a PITA lately. Would have been nice to know! Kind of flustrating but in a way it's good, he's had some time to process it and all that. So maybe this weekend our vacation won't be a total disaster. :)


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