Bio mom canceled the visit on Friday (where she sees the two little boys only) and then canceled the visit on Saturday. Unfortunately we weren't informed in both cases until we had already told the kids they were going on a visit. Saturday we even had to wake them up from their naps and everything, only to find that they weren't actually going. Friday the little boys were really upset; yesterday they were fine. A few times Y pretended to call his mom on the phone and said to her "Are you sick?" Then today he was asking if his "other" mom was sick. I think they are starting to get more and more confused as more time passes and they are able to comprehend and understand more.

Anyway, as I previously said, if she misses the visit and it is someone else's fault she always wants to call the boys and talk to them on the phone. She has not called or texted me or anything this time. It's hard to know what to think.

April 5 is looming. I'm not sure exactly what the CW will tell D, so hopefully she will give me the run down so that we know what he has been told. Then the next day he doesn't have school, so he will go to see his therapist. Then that afternoon we are leaving to take the boys to a water park. So it could be a very fun-filled weekend for us!

We paid D and one of his friends to do some work for us. Sadly they decided they didn't want to finish it. They get paid by the hour so I'm not sure what the deal is. It seems like no matter what we ask them to do they either a) quit, b) try to re-negotiate their pay after the fact, or c) try to re-negotiate the work that we asked them to do. It is flustrating. So we probably won't be asking them to do anything for us in the near future because it's seriously a huge hassle. They are always looking to make extra money but just not real interested in following the directions to get the money. It bums me out!

It seemed like March 8 would never arrive...then when it was so anti-climactic it seemed like March would never be done. Now here we are in April and it seems like time is just flying. School will be out soon so this could also be a very difficult summer for me, with D being home and working through the major changes in his life. It could also be a great time though for all of us to grow together.

I started praying today for God to increase my faith. No matter how much we care for D and want to see him make good choices and grow to be a functioning member of society and a Godly man who will lead his family, God loves him even more than we do and has a great plan for D. I need to remember that as we go into this difficult time.


  1. I just wanted to mention this... Sometimes I ask my 8 year old to do something extra and I offer to pay him. I have gone through similar experiences as you. So now I say, "If you pick up all the sticks in the yard that job is worth $5 to me. I need it done by 3:00 so Dad doesn't have to do it when he comes home from work." I just pay by the job now and if it is completed by deadline, then there is no stress for me, but the opportunity is there for him if he truly wants to earn the money.


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