I have too many blogs with the same name

That name is - "Canceled".

Yeah, that's right.

Tuesday morning Miss M got dropped off at my house by her FM, and then about 30 minutes later the worker to take them to their dad's visit came and picked them up. The worker takes them to daycare after their visit, then that afternoon they go to a visit with their mom. Tuesdays are crazy days for these kids.

M's FM texted me that night, "Did the kids not have a visit with bio dad? He didn't write in M's book." Hmmmmm. I responded that as far as I knew they had had one, because nobody ever called me to tell me that they didn't. Well, she took the initiative to ask at daycare the next day what time they had arrived. The answer was that they had arrived shortly after 9 a.m. Hmmmmm, bio dad's visit is supposed to last until 11:30. So, I guess that means they didn't have a visit and nobody told us. So for 2 hours we had no idea where our kids were. Every parents' dream!

Then this morning the boys were supposed to have a visit with bio mom, and they got picked up like normal. Only when they got to her house, nobody answered the door. And nobody answered the phone. And there was a strange car in the driveway. The worker today was nice enough to call me and let me know. This is the 3rd visit she has missed in 2 weeks. I asked them to put her on call-ahead, but I don't know if they will or not. I also asked when visits will start being reduced, since the plan is now changed to adoption instead of reunification.

She is putting the nails in her own coffin at this point. I don't understands why she doesn't just let them go if she doesn't want to see them every opportunity she can. She knows her days with them are numbered. I don't get it. And I know I never will.

ETA: She is being put on call ahead. So hopefully this will stop happening. Yay!


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