Team Meeting

We had the second team meeting, ever, today. In two days our kids will have been with us for an entire year. Team meetings are supposed to happen monthly. Two out of twelve isn't bad, right?

Bio mom still doesn't want the foster parents present at her team meetings. So they scheduled the foster parents for the first 30 minutes and then the bio mom for the rest of it. Only I guess somebody told the mom she could come at 1:15 instead of we got a 15 minute team meeting. I didn't get all of my concerns addressed because there just wasn't time, BUT -

1. SC is going to request that visits with bio dad be suspended. I won't go into details but it sounds like he is a mess and due to his inconsistency in visits (not showing up and/or ending them early) they don't feel the relationship is beneficial to the children, plus he isn't following court orders either.

2. SC is going to call the bad transport company and tell them they need to call us when visits get canceled or end early.

3. Bio mom is having some issues, again I won't go into details but it is just nice to know what in the world is going on. As far as I know not much will change at this point, and she still has some time to get her act back together. So basically it is a wait-and-see kind of a deal...which is pretty much all of foster care.

4. I got the phone number for the boys' therapist (finally) and I just left her a message a few minutes ago. We'll see how long it takes for her to get back to me. She wasn't at the meeting, but she gave the SC a sheet for me to fill out about C's behaviors. I am hoping we can discuss some of these things, as it seems like he is getting more and more defiant.

I think that was about it. The meeting was really rushed but we got at least some things addressed.

I also ran a marathon on Saturday. I survived, and I beat my best time by almost 7 minutes which was awesome. I am tired and a little sore, but all in all I feel pretty good! :) Trying to decide what my next running challenge will be - I have a few ideas but nothing set in stone yet.


  1. 3 Cheers for Team Meetings, Accomplishments an Marathons!!

    Although not what you had originally hoped for, you still came out with "something" accomplished. Hopefully the therapist will actually get back to you quickly and be polite, understanding and knowledgeable.

    Great job on the marathon!


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