Toddler Tidbit

Yesterday I picked the three amigos from daycare/preschool. The C Monster started singing a song - "Dinos do the mam-BA!" I asked him about it, and he said:

"Miss Kailah sa-"

..."We di-"


... (exasperated) "Can you help me talk???"


Also C pooped in the potty two times today which is a record. Yesterday he pooped FIVE TIMES, twice in his pants (one of those times at daycare - sorry Miss Kailah!), twice in a diaper, once on the potty. I think he is just holding it until he simply can't anymore and then it leaks out before he really can ask to go to the bathroom. I also discovered that if you ask him if he needs to poop he says no, but if you ask him if there is poop in his tummy the answer MIGHT be "yes!" in which case, we need to sit on the potty and let the poop in the tummy out. So, today I tried to be proactive which did result in two poops on the potty but there was much protesting on his part. I am hoping we can just make it a part of our daily routine and he won't struggle so much once he gets used to it. I can always hope, right? :)

Y is back to crying a lot. I mean, if he has a need (real or perceived) that isn't met within 10 seconds of him asking, it is a total scream fest. I normally am unable to comply with his needs in that time frame unfortunately (especially when the baby is here and awake) so you can imagine what our home sounds like a lot of the time! I can't decide if I think he is still over-tired from being at respite this weekend or what is going on. I think he is just tired...hopefully he will sleep until at least 7 tomorrow and get a good nap and it will be better. :) Again, I can always hope, right?

Baby M is sitting up, scooting, and rolling all over the place. She isn't crawling but the girl can get around! I am going to have to start vacuuming before she comes over, I think. But thankfully my home is already pretty well baby-proofed. She is so cute, I wish I could show you pictures of her! She is the fattest baby I have ever seen and when she smiles the whole world is a little brighter. :) She is napping for me like a champ again which is nice, considering she doesn't really like taking naps at daycare.

I think boxelder bugs are eating my asparagus, and I am not happy. It is past the time for harvesting the spears but I don't want those bad little bugs hurting next year's harvest potential! So tonight I am concocting an organic spray, and tomorrow I shall spray them with (what I hope will be) the spray of death!

Strawberries are still going strong. I picked the first of the peas today as well (yes I planted them late, but the plants are alive and producing so don't judge me!:) ). I have to say, it is really nice to get a harvest so early in the year from something. Normally I have to wait until July to start picking the fruit of my labor - this year I started in May! If I play my cards right, I might have harvest-able things now through October/November! Wouldn't that be something.


  1. Poop in the tummy. I think I might try that one... Our FS gets too distracted doing whatever he is doing to bother going to the bathroom in time. I keep telling everybody to take him at scheduled intervals but nobody listens...

  2. I got Stinkpot a game that he could only play while he wwas sitting on the potty. Seemed to make potty time less boring.


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