I'm blogging again. I know I've done it a lot lately!

I talked to C about lying today. Sometimes when he he needs to poop, he says he doesn't need to poop. I know this because yesterday he pooped his pants about 3 minutes after I asked him if he needed to go to the bathroom. Oh and as a side note, while I was in the bathroom getting him cleaned up Y somehow grabbed a pen off of the kitchen table and colored on the wall. He shouted "Color!" when I caught him and he was so proud and happy of his "artwork". I felt a little bad about putting him in time out for it because he really was SO cute. :)

So this morning C was sitting on the potty and I asked if he had poop in his tummy, to which he said "no". We had this conversation:

Me: "Are you lying?"
C: "No? Yes. No."
Me: "Do you know what lying is?"
C: "It's when you're on the potty!"
Me: (totally struggling) " my shirt pink?"
C: (laughing) "No!"
Me: "Well if I told you my shirt was pink, then that would be lying. My shirt is gray. We don't want to lie, we always want to tell the truth. So do you have poop in your tummy?"
C: (getting very serious) "Yeah I have poop in my tummy."

So...that was pretty cool. I am not sure if he got it or not but we will keep working on it. I think it's important to learn not to lie! And if he can learn that at 3 then that would pretty much rock.

I have also been thinking about some things we will change when D starts school up again. I have a few ideas, but I felt like last year we just let too many things slide. This year it won't be as stressful because we won't be acclimating to having all kinds of kids in our home. Plus with the kids at daycare I will actually have time to THINK instead of just being frustrated and exhausted 24/7. :) I am kind of excited and I hope we can do a better job of helping him. I think we are not going to let him go to the after school program - I felt like it took too much time away from our family time, and I felt like his peers were influencing him more than we were. Also I felt like his grades and attitude suffered. He was at school from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., which is just a long time for a kid. Then he came home, ate dinner, did chores and finished school work, then went to bed! Sometimes he didn't even have time to finish his school work, or he would have to stay up late to get it done.

So we have some time to kind of figure out what we are going to do for this coming year but I am hoping it will be better than last year was!


  1. wow- great way to put lying in perspective for him! I wouldn't have thought of that :)


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