I was just thinking, I wonder how many blogging foster parents have posts entitled "Court" just like this one is? Probably a lot of them!

This morning I had to wake the boys up early since court was at 8:30 and I had to take them to preschool before that, and then drive to the courthouse. When I went in their room C was already awake. The first thing he said to me was "I don't feel very good!" I asked what was the matter, and he said his tummy hurt. Knowing all of his issues, I asked if he needed to poop and he said no. Then when he was sitting on the floor getting dressed...he puked. He had no fever, and was totally fine after that. He ate a giant bowl of oatmeal and half of an apple, and asked for more food but I cut him off because I didn't want him to stuff himself and then get sick again!

So I called my mom for some advice - I mean should I take the kid to daycare or to court with me??? We agreed that he could just go to daycare, since he felt fine, was playing and eating, and didn't have a fever. I was a little worried but he was fine all day, I didn't get called by them at all. Sometimes kids just need to puke! :)

Not much changed at court. This hearing was a Permanency Planning hearing, since the kids are at the 15-month mark where parental rights can be terminated. The plan is still Reunification with a concurrent plan of adoption.

Here are some of the highlights:

1. Individual therapy for D and C has become court ordered. D was already in therapy but it was more because of all my whining. Honestly I think pretty much all foster kids ought to be in therapy, I mean just the fact of being separated from your parents is traumatic! I have been asking for therapy for C for the past 12 months or so, and was always told he was too young. Welp, now it's court ordered! So we'll see what happens there, but overall I am happy about that. Also D might be getting a new therapist because his current one never gives anybody updates, and to me it doesn't seem like they spend a lot of time actually working through issues - more like just chit-chatting. But of course we don't really know because the therapist never gives anyone updates!

2. Visits with bio dad will not be suspended at this time. He is making some progress in several areas of his life. He doesn't want custody of the kids, just wants to have visits with them.

3. Found out that bio mom is only attending one college course currently, and will take a break after this class is over. I think it's good because she has a lot of things she needs to accomplish in a short amount of time. I mean college is good and everything, but if it's a matter of not having enough time to do the things you need to do to get your kids back...well I think it's obvious where priorities ought to lie!

That's basically it. Plan is still the same, visits are still the same except that bio dad will have some extra help on his visits with someone to help him with his parenting. And I guess he has to take a parenting class.

We have been having some trouble with D and his attitude towards women lately. I sent an email out to everybody involved in the case letting them know what was going on, and their GAL emailed me back and said this is pretty typical of a male-hierarchy attitude that he probably observed with the three little one's dad around. She said she was going to read it to her domestic violence class, i think to show them how it can affect children even if they aren't the ones being abused. I really feel a little bit overwhelmed with him, and also feel like we need to nip this in the bud NOW and get this worked through NOW rather than waiting any longer.

So that's the scoop. Next hearing is in September...let the waiting commence. :)


  1. Why work through it NOW? Especially when we can drag our feet. I mean, the case is barely farther along than it was 15 months ago, so nobody's in any kind of hurry. Right? :-\


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