Jury duty and other things

I am on call for jury duty this week and next. It wouldn't be so bad, except that I am running a marathon one week from today in a town 5 hours away. I had hoped to leave Friday around 1 or so, so we could drive out and get to our hotel, find somewhere to eat, and settle in and still have plenty of time to get to bed at a decent hour seeing as how I will have to wake up at like 5 a.m. or maybe earlier and then go run 26 miles! Friday is the day I actually report, so then if I get selected I have to stay the rest of the day; if not then I get to go home (yay) and maybe we can still leave when I was hoping we could leave!

Any other time I wouldn't mind it so much but this was just crappy timing! I am interested in the whole jury duty thing and I do think it would be fun to serve...just not on Friday, please! :)

The only produce from my garden so far is lots and lots of chives, strawberries, and rhubarb. Just as one patch has started to peter out a bit, the new patch has strawberries starting to ripen! It is pretty exciting. I think everyone should have a strawberry patch. They are so easy to maintain and not a whole lot of work...at least, I don't do much work in them. Besides picking strawberries, of course. :)

Our neighbors bought their kids a new swing set and gave us their old one! It is super old but it works! So far the most played-with item on the swing set is the slide. Apparently the angle of the slide is such that it can catapult both of the little boys right off of the end on onto their heads, which is a pretty funny sight to see. Thankfully we have lots of nice grass for them to land on. And also they have really hard heads! :)

The end!


  1. DANG on the jury duty news. I was going to call you to see what time you want to leave on Friday but decided I would read the last couple blog posts first - so that's that!

    The slide sounds like hours of summer fun!!


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