This is going to be a blog full of ranting, so prepare yourself!

The SC never, ever returns my calls. Or emails.

Apparently the transportation company that does bio dad's visits is run out of somebody's home. This somebody does not answer her cell phone. Also, the worker that picked the boys up today picked them up 3 minutes before the visit was about to start. I called fifteen minutes before the visit shold have started (the worker should have been at my house by then) thinking the visit might be cancelled...but no one answered. C was screaming his face off because he didn't want to leave, and I had no idea what was going on, especially since dad comes and goes and didn't even show up for last week's visit. Frustrating.

I emailed the SC & co. 2 weeks ago letting them know about D's summer schedule and the technology camp he is going to be attending. I asked that they make arrangements to get him from his camp to the visits, since the visits start at 3:15 but camp lasts until 4. Today, he goes to camp, and they have a visit. And nobody has gotten back to me. So I am scrambling around at the last minute trying to figure out what in the heck is going on, and how he is supposed to get from the camp to the visit. His visit is less than 1 mile away from the camp so technically he could probably even walk or ride his bike, but no one has said if that is OK and before he would even do that we would want him to go on a test run with one of us to make sure he knows where he is going.

And on top of all that, bio mom is starting classes on Wednesday nights. They have visits on Wednesday nights. We were notified of this about a week ago. Today, the Wednesday night visitation worker called me asking about arrangements to pick up D from camp (which, by the way, there are none, she just wanted to make sure she didn't need to pick him up at 2:45 at my house). I told her about the bio mom having classes on Wednesday nights and...wonder of all wonders, the worker hadn't heard anything about it! So now I am trying to figure out THAT too.

Is this my freaking job? To be the service coordinator and communicate between all parties because she can't take 5 minutes out of her busy day and call the transport company to get this stuff figured out? I have spent over an hour today just making phone calls and all of that nonsense. It is really, really ridiculous. And that is just the time I spent trying to figure out these three visits, much less any of the other visits that occur! And half the time I am thinking well, maybe she called the transport company and got it arranged and just never told me because, see, I am just the foster parent and I don't actually need to know what the heck is going on and where the kids are going to be.


  1. i was having a situation a little like this. i decided that i don't care if the visits happen or not so if they screw them up too bad. you almost have to just leave them to their own mess .

    i know you are trying to get everything in place so you can function (which you have a RIGHT to) but you have to just be ready to say, "you didn't tell me and there is nothing I can do." and they will just need to figure it out. it is amazing that if you act like them it kinda makes it easier. they might get mad but you won't get in trouble. you should have more than 30 seconds notice to get the kids to visits and if they don't want to give you that then too bad for everyone else.


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