Marathon and other things

My marathon is in five days.

I am doing what is called "tapering", which means cutting back on my running so that my body can be in top shape for my marathon. Last week I only ran 19 miles! Which probably sounds like a lot but during my peak week I ran 39 miles.

I am feeling restless and lazy. It doesn't help that my husband purchased a Garmin 110 (the pink one!) for me for our anniversary, and I haven't gotten to use it yet! Tomorrow I will use it running for the first time when I run a measly 3 miles.

D accepted our challenge to do the dog walking and the vacuuming again. At first he said he didn't want to, but after a few hours of us teasing him he finally gave in. I also let him hold $240 cash, the amount of money that he could have right now if he had been doing those things all along. I don't know what won him over, but hopefully that helped! It was my husband's idea. He is so smart! :)

Also the kids' GAL said visits may be going to monitored soon. This is where the worker takes the kids to the visit, stays for about 20 minutes, leaves, then comes back for the last 20 minutes of the visit and then brings the kids home. The visits for the past 15 months have been supervised so this is a positive step towards reunification for bio mom.

I am somewhat uncomfortable with this. I am not exactly sure why but I guess it is just kind of scary. I don't think anything terrible would happen to the kids...I guess it is just kind of a fear of not knowing what happened on the visit. We'll see what happens, though.


  1. I hope he is able to uphold his part of the bargain. With the exception of you guys, the main adults in his life have not been promise keepers. I'm sure that you're example will help him.


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