Temper Tantrums

Well the visit fiasco from yesterday got worked out. Apparently bio dad had the visit but ended it early...sounds like he didn't have formula for the baby (which is his responsibility to provide). Of course nobody called us to tell us about this - we found out only because M's foster mom emailed the SC to ask her (which I was thankful for, as I feel I have used up my nasty-gram allotment for at least the next week or so). I just don't see what is so difficult about giving the foster parents a call "Hey, dad ended the visit early, so we are taking the kids to daycare early". Apparently it is very difficult because this is the second time it has happened.

I know it's not my job to coordinate this stuff. But if I don't do stuff then things happen and we get caught off guard - like visitation workers coming to our house when the kids are supposed to be at a visit, and dropping the kids off...only we aren't there because we are running errands or whatever, since we are kid-free (or supposed to be, at least). They never call first; they just show up with the kids and THEN call if we aren't home. Or D gets left at school or wherever because nobody bothered to make arrangements for him to get picked up and taken to the visit. I just hate getting caught off guard. And I know what you are thinking - becoming a foster parent was about the WORST thing that I could do if I wanted to be able to plan ahead! :) Maybe God is trying to teach me some things.

Anyway, this blog was just going to be a quickie. We set a time limit for D to be on the internet/watching TV during the summer. Mainly we just don't want it to become his life, and he needs to run around and play outdoors and all that kid stuff so that he doesn't become morose and sullen. He got angry at us about the limit we set - turns out he misunderstood what we said, and he had been hoping to get on the internet that evening but found he had already used all his time for the day. He got really mad, broke his headphones by shoving them into his pocket angrily, went on and on about how he HATES living with us, he wants a new foster home, blah blah blah. I calmly told him that it wasn't our fault or his that he was in foster care, I am not in charge of which home he lives in, and also that if he was trying to hurt my feelings it wasn't going to work. During his tirade he was throwing a real pity party about how his life is so terrible because he is in foster care and can't be home with his family. Then he went to his room and sulked for a bit...and came back out and said he realized he had done his math wrong and actually had 30 minutes left of internet time. He was very sheepish. :)

Then he said something about how he likes to take showers at his mom's house on visits, so that he can have more time to hang out at our house after the visit and not worry about showering. And also talked about how when he lived at his mom's he was normally just with his great grandma... When my husband pointed out the discrepancies D thought about it and then said "I think mostly the only time I don't want to live with you guys is when I'm mad!" Ha ha ha!

What a goof!!!

I took all 3 boys to the park this morning and we had a really good time. D was actually nice to his brothers which was a really nice change - one of his hobbies (as with all big brothers) is annoying the life out of them and making them cry. But he can be a really good kid when he wants to be. :)

I haven't been talking about Y that much, but he is sure talking up a storm. He strings 2 and 3 words together and is really great at copying. He takes a lot of his cues from C and it is interesting to watch them communicate and play together. He is also getting pretty naughty, but he always does it with a laugh and a smile on his face and it is hard to get mad at him! He will be two in 10 days. Have I planned a birthday party for him? No, because I am terrible like that! Maybe I will try to do that tomorrow. Nothing like planning stuff last minute, right? :)


  1. That's awesome that D was honest with you about wanting to live with you except for when he's mad - a very decent thing to do!


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