Information/mixed feelings

It's nice to get information sometimes.

I got some information today.

I am not sure how much of this I feel is appropriate to share on here, but suffice to say that bio mom is not doing as well as we were told (by the GAL) that she was. We met with the SC today and got some surprising information. It also sounds like the permanency plan is pretty close to getting changed from Reunification to Adoption.

There I said it.

Anything could still happen at this point; it could still go either way. Any change that may happen (if it even happens!) will probably not happen for a while. Court is in a few days and no changes are expected at that time; the next hearing is in 3 months.

So don't let me get my hopes up, OK?

It seems weird to say that, because if TPR happened it would be heartbreaking. But having them leave at this point is heartbreaking too. It should have never gone on this long, IMHO, but I am not the one in charge and I can do nothing to move this case either way. On the one hand I am hoping for a family, and hoping to get to be called Mommy sooner rather than later. On the other hand, there is a woman out there with four little children desperate for her to change her ways and get them back.

The visits aren't going to be moving to monitored as was previously discussed; they will remain at the supervised level at this time. It sounds like they aren't increasing in frequency either.

Some other surprising info I got today - the dentist I saw suggested I get braces (for actual problems in my mouth, not for cosmetic purposes). Ha ha ha! Here I am, 28 years old, and possibly having to get braces. The weird thing is I am actually considering it. Not braces, per se, but Invisialign. I had braces ones and it was terrible. I think I could do the Invisalign thing. Maybe.

I also made the two little boys's first dental appointments today. Apparently kids are getting them as young as 18 months now! I had no idea. That won't be for a few more weeks. I really hope that it goes OK....I can just imagine C screaming his face off because he doesn't want a stranger prodding around in his mouth. Not that I can blame him one bit; I hate it too. I guess we'll see what happens! He has a history of being an angel for other people and more of a demon for me. :)


  1. i hope very good permanent decisions are made for your kids VERY soon!


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