Birthday party!

The party went really well! Lots of people came over, and we ate hamburgers, brats, watermelon, scalloped potatoes, and birthday cake of course. :) The kids played (a little bit at least) in the pool, in the sprinkler that my parents got Y, and on the swing set. Our nephews played with D which was fun for him - they were getting totally soaked chasing eachother around with the water hose and I thought their dads and grandma were going to have heart attacks. But they didn't. Our nephews didn't bring their swim trunks so that stunk for them!

It was totally looking like it was going to rain, but it held off until everyone left the party which was nice! Our house is just not big enough to hold that many people so it was good that they could play outside OK, maybe it's just not big enough to hold that many BOYS. There were 8 boys there between the ages of 2 and 14. No girls, except for baby M of course. :)

I was so much more relaxed than I was for C's birthday party. I had everything done in plenty of time and didn't really have a "plan" for how the afternoon would go. It worked much better that way.

I made the cake on Saturday, but I accidentally put twice the amount of pineapples that the recipe called I had to cook it like 20 minutes longer than I was supposed to, but thankfully it set up OK. Then everyone wanted to eat the cake, and it all got eaten really fast! I made a cake and a bunch of cupcakes but next year I guess I'll just make two of those cakes since everyone liked them so well. :)

We opened presents this morning instead of yesterday, since I was just kind of afraid of C having tantrums. He ended up doing pretty well but who knows how it would have gone if 25 people had been watching him, you know?

Bio mom canceled part of her visit on Saturday. They ended up only going for 2 hours, and those 2 hours were in the hospital because I guess their grandma had to go to the hospital. Personally I can't imagine trying to entertain all those kids in the hospital but whatever!

I just have this feeling that the visit today is going to get canceled but we will see what happens.

On Saturday C told me "I LIKE going poop!" Yaaaaay! He has been accident-free for an entire WEEK (at our house and daycare, at least). Bio mom doesn't make him get on the potty, so if he wants to poop then he just goes in his pants at her house. I sent her the pamphlet we got from the poop doctor that explained that you should have them sit on the potty after meal times to try to poop but I think she still just doesn't want to do it. C has stopped putting up a fight when it is time to poop; he hasn't cried or said no to me in several days so that is really nice too. He is pooping regularly twice a day, once in the morning and once after his snack in the afternoon, so that is really good.

Sunday morning I went to get the little boys out of bed, and saw a dark shape curled up next to C. At first I thought he had just gotten hot and thrown the covers off, but then I realized it was one of our cats! He accidentally got shut in their bedroom. C and my DH had this conversation:

C: "Waltie slept wid me last night!"
DH: "How did you like that?"
C: "'Cause."
DH: "I mean, did you like having Waltie sleep with you?"
C: "Yeah. He bit me on my arm!"

Ba ha ha. Sometimes Waltie just gets tired of being petted but he really doesn't bite hard. There were no marks. I thought it was sweet that Waltie slept in the bed with him though! :)


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