Who is my mom?

Had this conversation with C today, and it kinda killed me. :(

C: Is 'Snickers' your mom?
Me: No, 'Foster Grandma' is my mom.
C: Is 'Snickers' Brian's mom?
Me: Yes.
C: Who is my mom?
Me: ...(bio mom's name) is your mom.
C: Why?
Me: ...because she grew you in her tummy.

Crap how do you answer a question like that? We all know that growing in a tummy doesn't qualify you as a mom. I mean, in some sense it does without a shadow of a doubt, but definitely other qualities make you a mom. The same that just because a man provided the sperm to create a human life, doesn't make him a dad - it does, but there are lots of other things that make a man a dad.

Deep conversations with an almost-four-year-old. Gotta love the way they make you think about life!


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