Oooooh yeah, the weekend

D was gone most of the weekend and it was kind of nice! I know that sounds bad. It's just nice to have a bit of privacy and some time in the evenings alone with my husband. Sometimes. :)

There was a quick program at camp to display the work and art that the kids did over the weekend. D's group did a skit. I knew immediately that he had been involved in writing the skit because it was some sort of combination of the Hunger Games (he has read all the books and is re-reading them), zombies (we are watching the Walking Dead), and other weird things. It sounded like he had a really good time and made some new friends so that's good! There will probably be more camps like this in his future.

I took him to WalMart this evening to pick up some things for a school project and some clothes. He asked if he could get a poster for his room and I said yes, but I had to approve it first. Well, the only poster he wanted was of Lil Wayne, who is this rapper guy that talks about bad stuff. So I nixed that.

Even though the poster was appropriate (no scantily clad ladies or anything like that), I told him I just can't support him using that guy as a role model. And of course he said that he will still be his role model, and I said that's fine but you just can't have his poster up in my house! It was a calm discussion so that was good. Then in the car he started in on how we don't see movies with lots of sexuality, definitely not with nudity. And he thinks we're freaks, basically. I didn't let it get under my skin. I just can't get him to understand that to us it's just not worth it, we've made a decision on what we will or will not watch and we're not going to break that just because there is some movie that looks good (other than the bad parts of course!). Our lives are not going to be damaged because we didn't see a movie. Maybe when he is older he'll get it; maybe not.

At WalMart we ran into a couple that does respite for the boys sometimes. They asked if D had started up overnights again with his mom and we said no. And they said that they will be praying for overnights to happen again. I don't know how much longer we can keep this info from D. I hate to tell him when nothing is really for sure yet. Even though it seems like it's for sure now, that's not to say some freaky thing won't happen and change things. :(

Also we ran into a family at church that has adopted two children in this state, and they are going to send us the info for their adoption attorney, yay! I am not even sure if we pick one or if the state assigns us one, no one has really told us how this is going to work yet. But if we get to pick one, at least we can use one that is recommended.

The little boys have been "helping" me with chores more and more. They enjoy helping me with laundry - they pull out the socks and sort them, or they fold things like wash cloths and shorts. They also can fold their own t-shirts and sometimes pants. When I am putting away my laundry they come back in the bedroom and hang with me. When I am making their beds after washing their sheets, the two of them work together to try to get the pillow into the pillow case while I get the sheets on the beds. So far they have been unsuccessful but we'll keep working on it! :) They have helped sweep the driveway - C especially just loves to help. They are also setting the table every night (of course we have to reach the plates and silverware for them). And we don't even really reward them except for telling them good job and thanks for helping out. They just love to help! I am seeing more and more things that they can do to help, I'm sure there are things I haven't thought of yet still. I'm also letting go of my need for perfectionism. I want them to try hard of course, but if a shirt isn't perfectly folded or the corners of the wash cloth don't all meet the world will probably not end. It is so fun to see them learn and grow, and I hope that we are planting seeds that will grow into them wanting to be functioning, helpful members of our household (and society) and to take pride in their work and all of that good stuff.

Bonding assessment with M scheduled for Monday afternoon. I talked to her FM about it and I feel a little bit better - she pointed out some behaviors that M has around me that show that she is attached to me. I feel like her FM is 100% supportive of us taking placement of M, and that makes me feel really, really good. She is such a wonderful lady!


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