Our caseworker got a job with the state, and she will remain on our case! So the only thing changing, so far, is her email address.

THANK YOU GOD! This is a big relief to me. Whew! I sort of feel like doing a little dance but that might be inappropriate. :)

Oh and also, D apologized this afternoon for his behavior yesterday. He said he has been sometimes going off the deep end on his teachers too. He told me how he got mad at one of his teachers today for basically no reason. So, it's good that he can recognize that his behavior is inappropriate. I wanted to keep talking about it with him but also recognize the fact that if he realizes it himself, he probably doesn't need much more input from me. I am learning more and more that sometimes I just need to shut up. :)

On another rather random note, D brought home a bunch of clothes from his mom's house last night. Up until recently, he had been taking all of his dirty clothes there to wash, and bringing home clean clothes when he would go on a visit, and then taking dirty clothes back there. I know, it kind of makes no sense. I think he did it to make her house feel more like home base. About 2 weeks ago he decided to let me start doing his laundry again (I only wash, I don't fold or put away!). Then yesterday he brought home all those other clothes. Kind of interesting. Maybe that's why he was a little on edge yesterday, it was kind of like admitting that he realizes he's not going to start overnights again anytime soon. :/


  1. Aww...that's great that D can recognize his behavior and even apologize for it! That's huge! I'm so excited you get to keep your CW!! We haven't heard anything on our end yet.


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