Valentine's day!

Welp, today is the big day! I went shopping yesterday and had fun picking out some things for the boys. I got D a "bouquet" of candy bars. Yeah, I know the way to that kid's heart. ;) For the little boys I bought them these little stuffed animals (a lion and a tiger) with matching blankets. And light-up rubber duckies with hearts on them, and red Peeps, and a tiny heart-shaped box of chocolates. They love playing with blankets and doing things like using them as capes, dresses (yes they occasionally pretend they are girls...for like 10 seconds until they decide to be something else), wrapping for "presents" (i.e., their toys that they give to me and each other on our "birthdays" which may happen as frequently as once a week), tents, ghost costumes...yeah. They are a creative bunch. :)

Before I gave them their presents we talked about Valentine's day and how you show people that you love them. And while they were eating breakfast C told me "Thank you for our presents!" I asked him how he knew he liked them, since he hadn't even opened them yet. He said "But I DO like them!" It was pretty funny. Then Y asked if we get motorcycles on Valentine's day. And before that he also said "I'm gonna say a naughty word - NAUGHTY WORD!" Ba ha ha.

Of course all of this happened AFTER I was chatting with Y while he was getting dressed and he told me "I don't like you! I like Bwian!" I told him "Oh, well I like Brian too!" and he told me "no, you don't like Bwian!" Apparently only one person can be liked at a time. Or something.

They had a visit with their bio dad today. They see him 2 hours a week. Y a lot of times says he doesn't want to go, but usually doesn't have any trouble with leaving with the worker. Well today he did not want to go at all. He tried to go back in to our house, and so I carried him out to the car. Then he said he wanted to get in OUR car, and of course that couldn't happen. Then the worker took him away from me and he was hanging on for dear life and screaming that he wanted to stay with me. It was super sad and I nearly started crying. I hate making him go, especially when he doesn't have much of a relationship with that man anyway. I mean, the guy disappears for months at a time. What does he expect? Y can't remember ever living with him I'm sure, since he moved out at 9 months old. Ugh. And he's not doing anything required by the CW, so he has no chance of getting more visits or anything like that.

At any rate. No other news, really, except that we are getting our trim and new doors put in as we speak. Or, rather, as I type. Everything looks nice so far. Next we get to finally, FINALLY replace our carpet. Oh man, it's pretty exciting! We just have to decide what we want. Which is actually turning out to be rather difficult. *sigh* Oh and when one of the workers arrived this morning, I told him "There are little children running around and they may or may not have clothes on. Just so you know." :)


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