Yeah, I ran 15 miles this morning. It was cold, and it took a really long time. And then I came home and ate some food, showered, and made dinner in the slow cooker, and cleaned the house for company, and then I picked up the kids, and then I cleaned some more and cooked some more, then I hung out with our friends, and then I cleaned even more! In between things like breaking up fights, changing poopy diapers, blowing noses, and all of those very exciting things that go along with every day life.

So, I am tired. My number one goal for tomorrow is to sit on my behind as much as possible. And also do laundry. Which is pretty much on my to-do list almost every day.

On a completely unrelated note, the boys' therapist (she works with the boys and M and their bio mom, not with me at all, and I believe her job is to facilitate bonding between bio mother and child?) asked me to do a bonding assessment with Y and also one with M. So I am kind of nervous about that. I shouldn't be. I feel like Y is very bonded with me. I am a little nervous about M, and why they want to do one. I mean obviously she knows me, we hang out together a fair amount of time, up to 10 or so hours a week. But obviously she is going to have a stronger bond with her foster mom or maybe even with her bio mom, maybe. :/ I hope they don't do something crazy like "Oh, M's bond with the boys' foster mom is not that great and so therefore she should be placed somewhere else!" They wouldn't do that, would they?

So I guess we are going to do those next week sometime. I am kind of having a hard time figuring out a good time to do it...our schedules have been totally crazy lately.

D is at his camp. He signed up for the Theatre camp, which I think he will do well in because he gets lots of practice with his drama at home. ;) Actually he wanted to do cooking, but that class was full. So he is gone for two nights, so I'm hoping the little boys will sleep a little later tomorrow morning since they won't have anyone to wake them up!

I guess that's basically it for now. The hearing is in less than 2 weeks. Also C's birthday party is in 2 weeks and 2 days and I haven't even started to think about planning it. Good thing he's still little enough that as long as there is cake he'll be happy! ;)


  1. I think your bond with M will show well - just think of all those hours she spent in the moby (sp?) with you! She loves you!

  2. I will pray for a good outcome for you!


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