Part two!

Had the bonding assessment with Mr. Y today. I think it went OK. He was fairly reserved, I think because we were in a place he had never been before. But the therapist said he talked more than he ever has which is a good sign and he was doing some other things that she thought were "good".

She thinks he might be depressed or have some other issues like that. It's hard for me to think of my little 2 year old baby being depressed. :( Yes he's still my baby even though he is 2! I can see why someone who doesn't spend a lot of time with him might think that. He often has kind of a "stone face", which I have attributed to him being introverted. Also sometimes you have to ask him a question a few times to get an answer, or wait a long time for an answer. She says he is avoiding the questions, but I don't know. We have been wondering if he is having some trouble hearing, or maybe he is just 2 and doesn't have time for your silly questions, thank you very much! Or the possibility that he is caught up in his own world in his head (introversion!) and honestly is kind of spacing off, thus not paying attention when someone is speaking to him. But I am not the expert. I think if she could see him in our home, or even video tape us at home, she would see a different child than the one that she has been seeing.

So Friday he is going for a one-on-one session with her. Court is a week from tomorrow!

Oh and random info, Miss M's foster mom filed her taxes and what do you know, somebody had already claimed Miss M. It really pisses me off that I am so freaking gullible that in January when bio mom asked me for the kids' SSNs so she could "apply for food baskets" I gave them to her, with no questions asked. I gave her the benefit of the doubt, thinking she was doing the right thing and trying to provide for her kids during visits. And now, a month later, she is taking them out to eat every visit, buying them all Nike shoes, and buying them other stuff. Kind of expensive stuff for a person with no job! Hhhhhmmmmm what a coincidence. GGGRRRRRRR! This is where your federal tax dollars are going, folks! If the boys have been claimed, I think we are going to notify the case worker. I don't know if it will matter or not but that is clearly illegal activity and fraud. Very sad.


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