Our state went through privatization of the foster care system shortly after the boys moved in with us. Case management was privatized shortly afterwards, and we have not worked directly with anybody from the state since that time.

We just got word today that the system will become un-privatized on March 1.

Our hearing is on March 8.

So I guess now we just wait for the dust to settle. I really hope we can keep our current caseworker OR that we get the original caseworker that worked with us when the boys were originally placed here.

And most of all, I hope that this change is not detrimental to the boys. I really, really don't want a new caseworker to come in and think they need to start trying for reunification all over again.


  1. I wish people understood how disruptive all the changes and gear shifting is for kids. ugh!

  2. Just heard about this on the news and wondered what it would mean for you and your boys... Praying that this doesn't mean another 20 month delay.


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