Some of you more recent blog followers might know about the C-Monster's poop issues. In a nutshell, when he moved in he was extremely constipated. We have battled constipation for a long time, and finally last May we were referred to a GI specialist.

Within the last week C has transitioned completely off of his poop medicine (i.e., Miralax). Well, it hasn't been going so well. The doctor said as long as he poops every other day then it's fine, but he usually does twice a day. Until Thursday, when he only did once...then Friday, when he didn't at all...and then today, where he still hasn't.

He had a visit with his mom today, and was having some poop issues. She called me to talk to me about it (!!!!) and she said "He made me feel kinda bad, he was sitting there yelling for you the whole time. I know I have nobody to blame for that but myself though."

So, there you have it. From "My mom lets me get something from McDonald's" to "Who's my Mom?" and then to yelling for me when he is in pain, when he was with his mom.

I feel super bad for him. Hopefully tomorrow everything will come out tomorrow and we can figure this out. Darn poop!

ETA: I guess it's a little bit affirming for me, as bad as that sounds. When he used to get in time-out he used to yell/cry "Moooommmmyyyyyyy!" Since he doesn't call me Mom, we knew for sure who he was talking about. It always made me kinda sad, even though I know it could very well have just been a different manipulation tactic. I have struggled, and continue to struggle, with trying to figure out who he is more bonded to. It probably doesn't really matter but there is something in my heart that wants "my" children to be "mine" and not anybody else's. But really they are God's children; we just care for them for the time allowed to us. And these kids will always be their mom's kids. She will always be the one that felt them grow in her tummy, the one that visited them in the NICU when they were born too early for the world, the one that looked forward to their births, the one that named them. I will possibly/probably never have that with any children. And that's kind of sad. But God has plans that we know nothing about.

And now this post is a disjointed disaster but oh well. :)


  1. "But really they are God's children; we just care for them for the time allowed to us"

    Ding, ding, ding!!!! It is an attitude and awareness I am grateful that many involved in my care were able to adapt. And one I have adapted myself, whether we are talking about kids I have raised for years at a time, the ones I have given birth to, the one I have coached or ones who spend a few hours in our clinic. They are ALL mine when they are with me and yet NONE of them, not even the ones whom share my DNA belong to me. My job is to do the best I can for them in the time I am allowed with them. Sometimes the thought makes me sad, but then I remember all of those people who have been angles in my life and I know nothing I do for a child is in vain. They will all one day…who knows when, thank g-d for allowing you to be a part of their lives.


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